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This website hosts the nervous system synaptic connectivity data of individual nematode worms, determined by serial section electron microscopy.

The data are presented in several formats and at several levels:

  • adjacency matrix gives the entire set of connections for a particular project. The entries in the matrix (edge weights in the connectivity graph) represent the physical size of synaptic connection. The sizes of individual synapses are measured by counting the number of EM serial sections traversed. Edge weights represent the total number of serial sections of connection between each pair of cells, summing over all their synapses.
  • neuron maps show a skeleton trace of neurons and the locations of synapses.
  • partner lists give the strength of connection between a selected neuron and each of its synaptic partners (same information as the adjacency matrix).
  • synapse lists and synaptic partner tree give the pre- and post-synaptic cells and synapse size (number of serial sections) for individual synapses.
  • electron micrographs with the location of the synapse indicated are linked to individual synapses on skeleton maps and the synaptic partner tree.