Analytic Tools

Software tools developed in support of nematode connectomics. These tools are supported by all major browsers except IE. Requests for source code or any other general comments should be directed to Christopher Brittin.

Trace Maps
Provides an interactive 2D map of neural pathways in C. elegans. The map illustrates the locations and sizes of chemical and electrical synapses. Synaptic filters are also provided.
Synpatic Partner Tree
A radial tree that illustrates synaptic pathways. For a given neuron, synapses are broken down into presynaptic, postsynaptic, and gap junction classes. The second level provides synaptic partners. The third level provides individual synapes in which the synaptic partner is involved.
Network Viewer
A force-based graph of the C. elegans neural network. The user can filter the graph based on neuron names and edges characteristics.