Muscle and End Organ Abbreviations

adp - anal depressor
ail - anterior inner longitudinal
aob - anterior oblique
aol - anterior outer longitudinal
bm - basement membrane
cdl - caudal longitudinal
dBWM - dorsal body wall muscle
dgl - diagonal
dsp - dorsal spicule protractor
dsr -dorsal spicule retractor
e - epithelial
g- gland
gec - gubernacular erector
grt - gubernacular retractor
hyp - hypodermis
int - stomatointestinal
mc - marginal cell
Phsh - phasmid sheath Cell
Phso - phasmid socket Cell
pil - posterior inner longitudinal
pm - pharangeal muscle
pob - posterior oblique
pol - posterior outer longitudinal
rect - rectum
sph - sphincter
um - uterine muscle
vBWM - ventral body wall muscle
vm - vulval muscle
vsp - ventral spicule protractor
vsr - ventral spicule retractor

L = left
R = right

Note:  For each body wall muscle, the number proceeding the abbreviation indicates the muscle's location relative to the other body wall muscles in its quadrant, with the largest numbers being the most posterior.  For example dBWML23 is directly anterior to dBWML24, which is the posterior-most body wall muscle.  The same system applies for the diagonal muscles.