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CA02 Partner List


List of synaptic partners

Cell Name: CA02

Male Image Series: n2y
1. Bracketed Cells (e.g.[PVX]) denotes an inferred process identification (not traced to Cell Body)
2. unk denotes an unkown neurite process identification
3. 'mu' in front of partner name denotes muscle/i>

Electrical Partners of CA02
contin5919[CA][Pn] 35
contin5921[CA][Pn] 44
unk6183[CP0] 12
VD08 11
EF3 11
EF2 11

Chemical Synapses Where CA02 is Presynaptic
[AVL] 11
contin18796[PVNR][PVT] 11

Chemical Synapses Where CA02 is Postsynaptic
[CA03] 12