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DX2 Partner List


List of synaptic partners

Cell Name: DX2

Male Image Series: n2y
1. Bracketed Cells (e.g.[PVX]) denotes an inferred process identification (not traced to Cell Body)
2. unk denotes an unkown neurite process identification
3. 'mu' in front of partner name denotes muscle/i>

Electrical Partners of DX2
mu_dBWMR24 38

Chemical Synapses Where DX2 is Presynaptic
PCAR 1026
PVV 514
R3BL 312
PVZ 39
HOB 58
EF1 15
HOA 34
DX2 11

Chemical Synapses Where DX2 is Postsynaptic
R3BL 628
HOB 422
DX2 11
unk6495 11
R9BL 11