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R1AR Partner List


List of synaptic partners

Cell Name: R1AR

Male Image Series: n2y
1. Bracketed Cells (e.g.[PVX]) denotes an inferred process identification (not traced to Cell Body)
2. unk denotes an unkown neurite process identification
3. 'mu' in front of partner name denotes muscle/i>

Electrical Partners of R1AR
R2AR 47

Chemical Synapses Where R1AR is Presynaptic
mu_dglR6 412
R2AR 410
mu_[cdlR/dgl5R/sph] 56
mu_dglR7 34
R6AR 23
R4AR 23

Chemical Synapses Where R1AR is Postsynaptic
R4AR 1019
R2AR 59
R3BR 12
R1BR 22