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List of synpases

Cell Name: DA04

Male Image Series: n2y

1. Bracketed Cells (e.g.[PVX]) denotes an inferred process identification (not traced to Cell Body)
2. unk denotes an unkown neurite process identification
3. In synapse lists, the listed order of postsynaptic cells in polyads represents the clockwise order of the cells around the presynaptic density, electron micrographs viewed looking toward the head. Thus, R9AL>DVF,HOB,PVY represents a synapse that appears like this in the electron micrograph:
4. A 'nmj_' in front a synapse denotes a neuromuscular junction.
5. Synapse ID numbers are given in parentheses

Gap Junction Partners of DA04
PQR (11126) 45
hyp (11083) 33
AVAL (11091) 33
VB08 (11232) 23

Chemical Synapses Where DA04 is Presynaptic

Chemical Synapses Where DA04 is Postsynaptic
Presynaptic Cell#Synapses#Sections
[PVX]>[DA04],AVAL (6602) 12