The Connectome of the C. elegans male - The Male Wiring Project

About this project:

We developed an open-source software platform, Elegance, to annotate electron micrographs of the C. elegans male posterior nervous system. Please visit our github page for everything software related. Our image data are publicly visible via WormImage or The Open Connectome Project. To understand the anatomical localization of these EM series visit our map guide or download our anatomical guide.

Relevant Data:

Male Neuronal Connectivity Data

Male-specific neurons are underlined. Neurons in green are partially or fully reconstructed. Click on neuron name for maps and synapse lists.

* AN neurons are AVF, AVH, or AVJ
** PVPL and PVPR of the hermaphrodite are called PVU and PVS, respectively, in the male.

Male Muscle Connectivity Data

Male-specific muscles are underlined. Click here for abbreviation guide. Note: All muscles may not have complete maps.

adp dBWML07 dBWML22 dBWMR13 dglL4 dsrR pm4DL/DR polL vBWML13 vBWMR05 vBWMR20
ailL dBWML08 dBWML23 dBWMR14 dglL5 gecL pm4L/VL polR vBWML14 vBWMR06 vBWMR21
ailR dBWML09 dBWML24 dBWMR15 dglL6 gecR pm4R/VR sph vBWML15 vBWMR07 vBWMR22
aobL dBWML10 dBWMR01 dBWMR16 dglL7 grtL pm5DL/DR vBWML01 vBWML16 vBWMR08 vBWMR23
aobR dBWML11 dBWMR02 dBWMR17 dglR1 grtR pm5L/VL vBWML02 vBWML17 vBWMR09 vBWMR24
aolL dBWML12 dBWMR03 dBWMR18 dglR2 intL pm5R/VR vBWML03 vBWML18 vBWMR10 vspl
aolR dBWML13 dBWMR04 dBWMR19 dglR3 intR pm6D vBWML04 vBWML19 vBWMR11 vspR
cdlL dBWML14 dBWMR05 dBWMR20 dglR4 pilL pm6VL vBWML05 vBWML20 vBWMR12 vsrL
cdlR dBWML15 dBWMR06 dBWMR21 dglR5 pilR pm6VR vBWML06 vBWML21 vBWMR13 vsrR
dBWML01 dBWML16 dBWMR07 dBWMR22 dglR6 pml pm7d vBWML07 vBWML22 vBWMR14 hyp
dBWML02 dBWML17 dBWMR08 dBWMR23 dglR7 pm2DL/DR pm7VL vBWML08 vBWML23 vBWMR15 gonad
dBWML03 dBWML18 dBWMR09 dBWMR24 dglR8 pm2L/VL pm7VR vBWML09 vBWMR01 vBWMR16
dBWML04 dBWML19 dBWMR10 dglL1 dspL pm2R/VR pm8 vBWML10 vBWMR02 vBWMR17
dBWML05 dBWML20 dBWMR11 dglL2 dspR pm3L/VL pobL vBWML11 vBWMR03 vBWMR18
dBWML06 dBWML21 dBWMR12 dglL3 dsrL pm3R/VR pobR vBWML12 vBWMR04 vBWMR19

We thank John White and Jonathan Hodgkin for their help in transferring archival TEM data from The MRC/LMB to the Hall lab at Einstein for long term curation and study.


Scott W. Emmons,, 718-430-3130

David H. Hall,, 718-430-2195

Christopher Brittin, cbrittin at einstein dot yu dot edu, 718-430-2249

Steven Cook, steven dot cook at einstein dot yu dot edu, 718-430-2249