Neuron Trace Comments

Neuron Map Guide:

The trace maps illustrate the spatial locations and paths followed by neurons in C. elegans. The maps are designed to be a visual tool that allows the client to interact with connectome data. The maps are best viewed with the Google Chrome browser. The maps seem to work ok on Firefox, but the update is a little slow and some of the HTML5 features (tooltip and slider bar) are not supported. I haven't tested on IE...but why would anyone use IE?

A. Toggle between 'side' and 'top' view

Change between the side view or the top view by clicking on "Z_Y" or "Z_X" respectively. If "Z_Y" is in black, you are currently in side view. If "Z_X" is in black, you are currently in top view.

B. Series Legend

The series legend provides a colorcode for the different series included in the trace map. Cell bodies are always indicated in blue and appear with a thicker line in the trace map.

C. Synapse Legend

The synapse legend provide the colorcode for presynaptic, postsynaptic, and gap junction partners. Switch between viewing and not veiwing of synaptic partners by clicking on the legend buttons. For example, click on "Presynapse" to make all presynaptic partners go bye bye. Click again to have all presynaptic partners reappear. The "Labels" button will display the identification of each synapse. You can also filter the out synapse which are shorter than a defined section number by playing with the slider under synapse threshold. Place the mouse pointer over a synapse in order display more info about the synapse. The size of a synapse symbol is proportional to the the number of sections in that synapse.

Zoom and Panning

Zoom with the mouse wheel. Pan by clicking and dragging the left mouse button.

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