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Pharynx image series:

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Interactive cell map




Gap Junctions

Hover over synapse to display info.
  • Visualizations are constantly under development. We do our best to ensure that the visualization accurately reflects the data, but sometimes the displayed data may be incomplete. If using for research purposes, please be sure to cross-check with our adjacency matrix and other synapse lists. Feel free to contact us with any concerns or suggestions.
  • Some neurons are large and may take 10s of seconds to load.
  • Cell bodies are notated in red. Cell bodies should be contiguous. If there is more than one red segement, then we neglected to score the cell body in that section.
  • Left mouse: rotate.
  • Middle mouse: zoom.
  • Right mouse: pan.
  • Synapse filter: Input neurons separated by commas into the text fields, e.g. AVAL,ADLL,ASHL. Then click 'Filter Partners'. Filter is case sensitive.
  • Synpase sizes are proportial to number EM sections in which the synapse was scored. To reduce visual clutter, all synapses where #EMs > 10 are given the same size.