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C. elegans

Hermaphrodite and Male Connectomes (Adjacency Matrices), Adults (corrected July 2020) [SI 5 Connectome adjacency matrices, corrected July 2020.xlsx]

    Original Connectome Adjacency Matrices (ref 1, SI5) [SI 5 Connectome adjacency matrices.xlsx]

Synapse Adjacency Matrices, Hermaphrodite and Male, Adults (ref 1, SI2) [SI 2 Synapse adjacency matrices.xlsx]

Lists of Synapses, Adult Hermaphrodite and Male (ref 1, SI3) [SI 3 Synapse lists.xlsx]

Cell Lists (ref 1, SI4) [SI 4 Cell lists.xlsx]

Cell Class Lists (ref 1, SI6) [SI 6 Cell class lists.xlsx]

Connectomes by Cell Class (Adjacency Matrices) (corrected July 2020) [SI 7 Cell class connectome adjacency matrices, corrected July 2020.xlsx]

    Original Cell Class Adjacency Matrices (ref 1, SI7) [SI 7 Cell class adjacency matrices.xlsx]

Contact Adjacency Matrices, Adult and L4 nerve ring and ventral ganglion (ref 2) [Adult and L4 nerve ring neighbors.xlsx]

Ref 1. Cook et al., 2019
Ref 2. Brittin et al., 2018

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